Q:What is the maintenance procedure?

Clean→Lubricate→Sterilize→Store (sequence)
Manual: Clean the surface of handpiece→Use spray nozzle to lub (2~3sec)→insert bur on the handpiece and have it racing on dental chair for 5-10 sec. . 
Auto: Use an Automatic Handpiece Maintenance Unit (Codent Premium Cleaning and Lubrication) to process clean and lubricating procedure→take out handpiece and have it racing on dental chair for 5-10 sec. with bur inserted.

Q:Should we sterilize handpiece with burs inserted?

Do not sterilize with a bur inserted! Modern design chuck system will not have the idling issue, thus burs are not necessarily to be inserted during lubrication. This will shorten the lifetime of handpiece (chuck system). In addition, lubricating with a bur inserted will not give a thorough lubrication of the chuck system.

Q:Too much or insufficient water amount?

Based on the different needs, the amount of water can be adjusted on the dental chair by dentists themselves. 

Q:Are the pressure for single spray same as multi spray system?

No, they are different because the triple spray usually produces larger amount of water. In order to have better spray effect, water system pressure should be adjusted before using. The design of connector may also affect the setting. To achieve optimal cooling effect, it is highly recommended to adjust spray pressure before using.

Q:Difference between single spray and multi spray.

Single spray-

Cons.: Not easily get stuck; Pros: Single spray angle.

Multi spray-

Cons.: Multi-spray angle; Pros.: Easily stuck when water is not clean.

Q:Water is not coming out or un-smooth?

Please follow the below steps to exclude the water issue

  1. Use multi-gauge to adjust chip air and water pressure (chip air pressure must be greater than chip water pressure and both values need to be set at the same time).
  2. Use cleaning needle to ensure all spray holes are working properly.
  3. If problem still exists, please contact our dealer or THI service center to have further examination or part replacing.