●Speed sensor.
●Voltage meter.
●Pressure gauge for air and water.
●Flow meter.
●Driving the air flow meter.
●Air cooling flow meter.
●Water botttle
  • The device is equipped with manometers, pressure gauge, speed sensor, flow meter,driving the air flow meter, and air cooling flow meter.
  • Can test for High/Low speed Handpiece 、electric micromotor and each brand air motor.
  • Connectors for 2 High speed handpieces and easy to the original quality ratio.
  • Can adjust the speed and positive inversion for low speed handpiece.
  • Various kinds of switch alone can open or close for water and air.
  • Unique metal layers, durable and anti-scratch.


  • iM100 electric micromotor*1,
  • high speed handpiece cable*1
  • low speed handiece cable*1,
  • pedal switch*1.


  • Voltage:32V DC& 12V DC
  • Input voltage:110~220V AC
  • Air pressure for operation:3.5~7kg/cm2
  • Dimension:L456mm x W340mm x H435mm
  • Weight:16kg